Learn Some Facts About March

March 01, 201

Today, is the first day of March, while having our lunch this day I was thinking what to write or to share today. Suddenly, I remember my status at facebook, I mentioned about March. So I decided to google some facts about March. 

Did you know that March was used to be the beginning of the year. But in 1752 we adopted the 'new Style' or the Gregorian Calendar that started January as the first month of the year. March originated from the Roman word Martius which was originally the first month of the Roman calendar named after Mars the god of war. The Symbolic flowers for March are Daffodil and shamrock. 

Speaking of March, graduations in different schools and Universities in the Philippines from different levels are scheduled to happen. In the Philippines March means the end of school year.  But, in other countries like Europe March 31 signals summer time. There are also important dates to remember in the month of march for Christian and Catholics below:  

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day
March 19 - St. Joseph
March 24 - Palm Sunday
March 28 - Holy Thursday
March 29 - Good Friday
March 31 - Easter Sunday.

Have a nice day everyone!



Nice post. Interesting facts about march month.

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