Improving on Your Best- How to Push Yourself When Running

February 22, 2012

Do you like running? Or does you run in a gym class? Or any races? I am not getting obsessed with running nor feel bad if I haven’t gone out during weekends for a fun run. I know that joining marathons needs time and practice or training, but I do not have the pleasure to do it. I do not run every day and yet I can still run and join marathons (Fun Run) on weekends if I like. If I feel strongly getting out in a day and I think I need to sweat, I go to the gym for cardio exercise, yoga, dance, etc. Somehow it serves as my training ground in joining marathons or fun run events. See? I can still do sport and doing an activity every day not just running.

 Why run?

Running is a challenging exercise. One of the toughest aspects of a run is the mental tenacity which requires you to keep on running during the race even if your legs gets tired. I am running to support a good cause and for myself to be fit. I believed running are a good exercise, a physical activity that anybody can get into unless if you are physically unable. What struck me most in running is speed and endurance. Although, I am not running to win the race. In my age, I do not run to become the best runner. Some maybe would like to win the race because of the price and fame, and some would run to have fun. But sorry guys if I will say this: I don’t think running is fun if you feel tired and get sore all the time. Anyway, whatever you're reasons are for joining fun run or marathon are highly accepted. Anybody can join a run and marathon. But All I am certain of is that we support one good reason and that is running for a good cause.


Joining fun run or marathon is not easy. I encountered some problems similar to what other are experiencing during the run. When I run, breathing is my main problem. I know very well through my own readings that proper breathing techniques are one important aspect to running. According to experts practicing the proper breathing techniques while running can help runner to succeed and have more energy when running. So, I began researching breathing techniques in running.

Breathing technique

A breathing ratio of 3:2, it helps oxygen supply in the body. Meaning in the first three steps you inhale, and exhale in the next 2 steps. Although, this is commonly used in a light jog but if running fast your body may switch to 2:1 ratio meaning, for every 2 steps of inhaling you exhale in one step. There are other breathing techniques in running but, I adopted this technique. Because, I can easily adapt to this breathing techniques while running. However, slow down or walk if you’re running out of breath, relax and slow the pace, breathing problems will often take care of them. 

Pushing myself

Pushing myself When I run I am pushing myself 100%. Although, I cannot deny that I cannot complete the long run without stopping for a walk for a few seconds, at some point when feeling like a drop dead. But I always tell myself to complete the race. I should have to decide a 100% to get through the race. My longest run so far is 10km. I did not train, but I am not a lazy runner though. I am always trying to tell myself to push hard during my running sessions. 

When I was new to running, endurance is what I need, so I need to run a pace comfortable for me. To achieve that distance the slower the better. I enjoy running these days; I want to get the best of my running and be able to support a good cause. To be able to figure out my limits, and to know what my body can do, makes me feel happy and satisfied. Some say it is too late to run but, I don’t think so. Because, I proved it, I started running at 4k followed by 5k and then increased it to 8k, and the longest is the 10k run. I was able to reached the finish line for all these events. Wow! It was a great achievement for me. My friend challenged me for 15k, or 17k, but I know myself very well. I don’t think I am capable to run this far now. If given proper training and practice, maybe, why not? There’s no harm in trying.

Speed, endurance, and strength are what you need while running. How to push yourself when running? I have gathered some useful tips below. 

1. Visualize the finish line, and push through until you got there. 
2. train and run more during the week, to make your body become familiar to running and prepare your muscles to push through during the run. 
3. Incorporate leg workouts into your gym routine. Lifting weights can increase your ability to push yourself during the run.
4. Use any frustration as a tool to push yourself during a run.
5. Ask a family and friends who are also into running for suggestions, and    techniques.

Most importantly, remember we are running for a good cause. Listen to what your body is telling, if you feel pain and need to ease up, remember being determined and stubborn is totally a different thing.