Tile Flooring Increase the Value of Your Home

October 30, 2011

Moving in to a new home makes everyone feel excited especially if it is your dream house. Making sure everything is perfect and fixed is always a priority and checking every details from what color of paint to use and the kind of flooring to install is sometimes a hard part. But, considering the many options in the market today deciding on so many things makes life easier. When it comes flooring Ceramic Tiles has a complete design and style to suit your needs from dining rooms, living rooms, kitchen and bathroom.

Recently, my friend shop for tiles.  She doesn't like the tiles used by developer in her newly built house.  One of her consideration in choosing the tile to be used and I am sure every one wants the same is easy to maintain, which is one advantage of a ceramic tile aside from it's durability. Well, I guess my friend gave me an idea I also wanted the same kind of tile when our house will be finished. Right now I still cannot point out the date when it will be but I am excited as well. My boys are also excited, in fact they are suggesting what color and design to paint in their rooms. 

We all know style counts and when it comes to flooring tile can complement in any interior designs of your home. I can also say a tile flooring can increase the resale value of your house in case you wanted to sell it. There was a time when I accompanied one of my friend looking for a house to buy. We were both attracted then by a house for it's well installed tile flooring. She wanted to have that house but because both of them did not agreed on the price that she failed to get it. 

Very Busy Again...

October 27, 2011

I've been very busy again for the past few days and I would say I terribly missed my blogger friends. Being a busy body nowadays refrains me from sitting down more often in front of my PC. There are many things I would like to share but right now my time is very limited.  I hope anytime soon I can resume blogging regularly just like before wherein I can almost update my blog, if not daily but at least twice or thrice a week. In fact I have a note written in my cellphone the things I would like to share in my two blogs from wordpress which is http://www.iexpresstoday.com and www.andagala.com...These two babies of mine (my 2 blogs) are my comfort zone aside from Dark chocolates. Every time I feel bored and when I think I need to be alone then spending my time with these two (2) blogs make me feel better. 

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October 13, 2011

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I Like PRO-FIBER Coffee From San Mig

October 12, 2011

I drink coffee every morning and this has been a part of my day. I used to drink any coffee before but lately I choose a sugar free coffee. You can see different kinds of coffee in the market today with a variety of flavors. For me I like PRO-FIBER from San Mig coffee it is also sugar free. Why Fiber is good for us? Studies revealed that a high fiber diet help improve and prevent constipation. It also help to lower blood cholesterol. That is why it is good to drink plenty of water say at least 8 cups per day and a high fiber diet to free yourself from the difficulty of eliminating solid waste in the body. A high fiber diet can also help regulate blood glucose and insulin. Health experts showed that at least 25grams of daily fiber intake is recommended for women. I consume 1 sachet of San Mig coffee every morning and I know this is not enough since it only contains 13g of fiber. That is why I always add my daily fiber intake with wheat bread a healthy bread from Goldilocks. Aside from this there are many healthy foods around that are rich in fiber.

Be Wise and Spend Your Money Wisely

October 12, 2011

In this modern world a lot of women set aside huge amount to enhance their appearance. Many women wants to look good always and some of them turned beauty experts and tried cosmetic surgeries. Aside from it girls of today loves accessories they go with the flow, they don't want to be left behind of what is new in fashion trend. 

When I go to a mall I usually go to shoes and bags department then to accessories like bangles, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. I normally appreciate everything what is displayed but I don't buy right away.  I weigh things out if I don't really need it then I won't buy it.  I am a practical person I only get or buy a thing which I think is very important and useful. For me the price doesn't matter as long as it is of quality and I like the style then I will go for it. Lately, I've been trying to look for rings, and I have read a lot about tungsten jewelry online, since I am not so much fond of gold jewelries I guess this kind will capture my attention. 

What else do women like to have? Oh! I believed women like to have lots of shoes. Some women wants to have in their possession different styles and colors of shoes. Me, yes I admit I love shoes but since I resigned from the office I only buy a pair of shoes now when the need arise. Although sometimes I am tempted to buy especially if I really like it, and mind you if it is on sale, if not then I will have second thoughts. Well, in today's modern world a lot of manufacturers market their products, be wise and spend your money wisely. Remember, basic needs should be your priority in spending. 

Great October Deal from Net10

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Communication is very important to any business or personal transactions and there are some available communication tools or equipment for these purposes.  A particular tools that are very much useful in communication are Landline phones, cell phones, computer, etc. Todays modern world an advanced tool like cell phone is what you need.  Most advanced kind of cell phones now have multi functions which includes internet, email, faxing or word processing. If you really are a busy body a mobile phone is appropriate to always keep in touch with your business.  There are many plans offered by service providers now designed for your needs like Net10 unlimited Plan. It offers a great nationwide coverage, unlimited talk, text and data for only $50 a month.  Watch the Cute NET10 commercial and see how their plan cater to your needs. A lot of Real NET10 customer were satisfied with Net10 unlimited Plan. You can also switch your plan anytime without having to pay any penalties or charges.

You can simply avail this offer without signing a contract, no surprise bills and no credit checks, unlike any other providers. They have an automatic minutes plan which starts at $15 for 200 minutes or you may also select unlimited minutes, text and web for $50 per month. No need to worry if you have businesses outside because International Long Distance is available to over 75 countries which charge 15 cents per minute. Finally, Net10 uses trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Kyocera, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung. Phones with essential features are available for $40.  While full Qwerty keyboard phones.

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I Love Sweets...

October 05, 2011

Hubby just came home from a three days trip to Manila. Every time he goes to Manila he always bought Muhlach "Ensaymada".  Lately, the sugar free variant is my favorite and he brought two boxes together with "Go Nuts".  I am not yet certain if this ensaymada is already available here in Davao but I am sure Go Nuts is available at Abreeza mall. I prefer Go Nuts over any other Donuts because it's a little less sweet.  I mean unlike other kinds of Donuts where it taste so sweet including the toppings. Muhlach ensaymada on the other hand was one of my favorite way back and I am happy that they have a sugar free ensaymada now. I really appreciate the taste and I love the cheese toppings...It really taste great. I love sweets but I eat it moderately now and I became choosy for the kind of sweets that I am eating. I also love chocolates but I go for DARK chocolates.