Personality Test Result From Blogthings

September 30, 2011

I took a quiz this morning a personality test from "blogthings".  Blogthings offers online tests, quizzes and surveys on different subjects. Since it's been awhile that I have not taken any quiz from blogthings which I used to before, this morning I decided to answer one quiz about personality. I interpreted the result in my own words. Below are some of my characteristics according to the test result from blogthings. 

I am sometimes emotional.  Power? I don't think I crave for it. I am active in the sense that I don't just stay the whole day doing nothing at home. To keep myself active I workout at the gym and join dance sessions, etc. Everyday is a challenge for me but I am always glad because I sustain whatever tasks and activities I have each day. There are times when I feel bored but I don't let boredom gets in the way. Resourceful? well, I guess so...maybe in some other ways and it depends on the situation. 

Love Is Not Enough To Build a Strong Relationship

September 29, 2011

"Kasal" or Kasalan is a Filipino term for wedding here in the Philippines. It is a tradition for a man and woman in love to get married after their engagement. Marriage is a ceremony wherein a man and a woman tie the knot and officially called husband and wife.  But, in some cases there are couples who are engaged and are not lucky enough to be called husband and wife. There are also those who got married but easily broke their vows. Different stories to tell and reasons to believe behind the break up is something everyone wants to hear. I feel sad for those couples who did not sustain their marriage but I do not condemn them though.

The task and responsibilities behind the word Marriage is not simple. A lot of people entered into marriage without enough understanding of what they are entering into, then afterwards got separated. It is not easy to lead a happy, contented and peaceful married life. It takes a lot of courage and effort to stick together considering the many temptations around. It should also be important to have a great understanding among partners. I believed it is not only love that builds a strong relationship but it has to have concern, devotion and dedication towards each other.

Last Saturday I attended a wedding at Garden Oasis; It was supposed to be a garden wedding but the weather seems to be not cooperating that time so it was transferred to a function hall. I felt excited for that wedding, why? Because it was my first time to attend as one of the principal sponsors.  I have never been a sponsor or a ninang ever since. That's why first time is always new and something to me. The wedding ceremony turned out well and I wish both husband and wife to lead a good and happy married life full of love, understanding, concern and devotion towards each other. Congratulations!

Great Deal From Net10 September

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Let Your Pet Dog Live Actively

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Owning a pet can sometimes be tiring but they give you so much joy. When you feel bored and feeling alone you can easily play with your pet.. Dogs for me is one best pet for they are considered to be a man's best friend. Just like my best friend she feel safe with the company of her pet dog. She is always alarmed whenever there is gatecrasher at her home.  Yes it is true, owning a pet dog can never be easy in the first place. But, there are many useful information available in the web on how to own and care for your pet.  One concern in owning a pet is to make sure your pet is healthy by giving the right food from Hill's Pet Nutrition, believed to have produced the best and nutritious food for dogs.

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Online Jobs Are Becoming Popular

September 26, 2011

Online jobs are becoming popular these days.  You can be employed full time or part time right at the comforts of your home. Many companies are looking for probable candidates here and abroad and they are using the most popular SKYPE for phone interviews and initial screening. Most bloggers now are making money online through their own blogs or as a freelance article writer. Starting an internet business is not that simple and getting hired as well takes a lot of patience and determination. Of course when applying for a job online you need to have a Paypal account ready aside from SKYPE. 

One of the happiest moment for every person is being hired from a job. When getting a job is at hand and you need loans for different purposes it is not a problem anymore. Everyone needs a job for survival, without a job life can be so hard. We need money to spend for our needs and getting hired for a job is the answer. When I resigned from my job as records officer I felt sad at first but when I discovered blogging and started my blog it helps me unload some emotional baggage. I became busy and at the sometime learned something new. I thought I would become a sleeping giant but I was wrong.  There are so many things I can do in my own way to earn through blogging and as a freelance article writer. 

Davao City's Wakeboard Park

September 26, 2011

Sport is a kind of physical activity which aims to maintain or develop physical fitness and are usually controlled by set of rules. Wakeboarding is a water sport with a combine techniques of snowboarding, water skiing and surfing. It is a new attraction here in Davao city located at DECA homes, Tacunan, Mintal, which according to some sports enthusiasts will be a crowd puller.

I had the chance to drop by at the site two weeks ago together with hubby and the kids. There were a few foreigners during the time when we went there and the kids enjoyed watching them. I think they were interested so hubby and I went inside the shop to ask some details about it. The monthly cost is quite affordable but the things or the equipment needed for the sport made me back off, LOL! Anyway, I just told my boys maybe not this time. We still have some priorities that need immediate attention, and it is fine with them. My children are not spoiled they easily understand things. If they want or need something and they feel it is not yet the right time to ask for it then they will not insist. Below are some photos I took during our brief visit at the Davao City's wakeboard park.

Labels and Tags are Important To Identify A Product

Sept 21, 2011

When we go to malls and drop by to any shops to buy something or just to window shop we see labels on every item. Today, I thought of sharing to you what a label is.  Obviously a label is a small piece of paper or any other stuff like cloth or metal attached to any items or article. The data or statistics concerning certain products are printed on the label.  There are many different labels we encounter almost everyday and this is very important to easily classify the product. Banana plantations for example are using label stickers on their product for export.  When using a label you are not only identifying your product but it will also serve as a marketing tool for your product to get noticed by many consumers. Labels comes in different kinds also vary from sizes, asset tags open the way for businesses especially small business, home users and consumers. This kind of tag or label is specifically created to permanently attached to any metals and plastics. It is also a highly resistant to solvents, chemicals, etc. There are many places where you can order or purchase a  label. In fact you can buy it online for convenient or print it yourself if you have a computer at home. 

Free Wordpress Templates Has Everything You Need

September 20, 2011

Right after I resigned from my work and then I heard about blogging I never hesitate to start my own blog. Since it was new to me I really had a hard time working on my blog.  But, I never lost hope and so thankful for my son for helping me everything like the "copy paste" thing.  Little by little I get to familiarized all the things that I need to learn. After more than two years I put up my second blog using Free Wordpress Templates, the templates here are so amazing and catches my attention. Yes, I believed templates or website design is really important for online business.  It is also an important and effective business tool which helps your business to grow and even gain more traffic. For any business online it has to have a unique template and free wordpress templates has everything you need for a pleasant website.

Computers Continue To Dominate Every Household

September 17, 2011

A computer nowadays is one technology which dominates every household. If you have a PC or personal computer in the house you will stay connected with the world. You can communicate to your friends and loved-ones abroad through the internet.  If you accept writing jobs you can write effectively at home.  When you are bored you can play right at your computer for there are many available games online.  These are just few of the things you can do with your PC at home. 

However, in my own experience as a mother there are also disadvantages specially in my children.  Sometimes or most often they neglect their study schedules. They choose to play the game they used to play most specially if I am not in the house. They take advantage of my absence. That's why I am always telling them to refrain from playing during school days. Although they abide by it but there are times when they do not follow what I have told them. It makes me really angry...Anyway good for them for they still got good grades, because if not then I will not allow them to use the computer from Mondays to Thursdays...or maybe I should set a limit , say 30 minutes during night time. During examinations I don't normally allow them to use the computer. 

Yes, computer continues to dominate every household. A lot of people enjoy what this technology brings. I am blessed to have a computer in the house. But we should not forget as parents to always guide our children for there are websites which are harmful for them.

We Need A Break To Enjoy and Have Fun

September 13, 2011

Everybody needs a break and deserve to enjoy a leisure time. We need time to stay away from our daily routine to have more joy and have some fun. Having free time is something everybody must enjoy and we all deserve it. During my free time I think of something, an activity wherein the whole family will be involved, and I see to it that they are also free during that day. Booking your ticket beforehand to watch any event is a smart way to go to and be assured that you will not miss any event. has monster jam tickets Sade tickets and professional bull riders tickets. Sade is all set for her upcoming live performances, this multi-cultural singer is known for her international fame. So book your deals now or buy your sade tickets early. Be entertained and have fun get your monster jam tickets to watch some of the world's best drivers in one of the biggest and most well-liked entertainment events, bring along the whole family to watch this spectacular show. After all the fun and entertainment you might as well like a show that is something breathtaking, so why not book your schedule and get a professional bull riders tickets and be able to watch  riders from different groups and backgrounds as they ride a bull to beat the vigorous bulls in the world. Get your tickets now to guarantee that your schedule will not go beyond your plans. 

Barcelona The Best Place To Go for a Vacation

September 12, 2011

Spending time and enjoying life with loved ones by taking a vacation somewhere else can make relationship more stronger. Barcelona, the second largest city and one of the world's leading tourists,economic and cultural sports centres is a great place to go for a vacation. At vacation rentals barcelona they offer the best vacation deals to make your stay at Barcelona more comfortable and affordable. So, when you think of taking a vacation at Barcelona why not grab the best deals of what vacation rentals barcelona has to offer to make your vacation memorable and worry free.

We All Had A Good Time at Abreeza Mall

September 8, 2011

I and my family had the chance to stroll around Abreeza mall two weeks ago. We really enjoyed each other's company on that day.  I discovered many things while strolling around the mall, although our time was not enough that day to fully explore the place but I was satisfied to be able to see the place. At least I already have an idea where to go and buy something for myself as well as for my loved ones next time. When we all feel tired and hungry I told hubby to have our dinner there so we look for a restaurant ideal for a family like us.

I came across chika-an, a restaurant located in front near the main entrance of the mall at the ground level. I saw there were a lot of people coming in and out of that restaurant so I decided to have our dinner there.  When I saw their menu it was almost all familiar to me, although I got interested because they put a little twist on their menus. Hubby and I ordered a Filipino favorite foods like pochero, sinuglaw, bite size shanghai fried lumpia, pancit canton guisado, and my favorite talong or egg plant it was called sizzling spicy talong with pork giniling. Wow! their food taste so good and the price is very affordable, aside from these they also serve unlimited rice. It was also only at chika-an where I have tasted the best coolers, their lemonade with cucumber is something you should try in case you drop by at chika-an. Well, guys we all had a good time that day at Abreeza mall.  I would like to share some pictures below which fully satisfy our hunger...
Pancit canton guisado
Bite size lumpia shanghai
Sizzling spicy talong with pork giniling
lemonade with cucumber

So Happy Today!

September 7, 2011

After more than three long years at last this blog of mine got a PR of 2... So happy to learn it just a few minutes ago. Thanks so much Mr. Google.  I was surprised to received an opportunity for blogs with a minimum PR of 2. I was wondering why I received this offer when in fact this blog has no PR, I know it because I checked it this morning. So I immediately check my two blogs again using the Page Rank checker available online.  Wow! I can't believe it...this blog appeared to have a PR2.

So happy today! Thanks again...

I Never Thought That I Need An Eyeglasses

September 7, 2011

When we get older we discover some changes in ourselves. Whether those changes are alarming or not we find ways to address those things. Late last year I discovered something unusual in my eyes, I could hardly read small prints in the newspapers and magazines even the incoming text messages in my cell phone. To wear an eyeglasses never entered my mind, I thought I was just stressed that time. But, after a few days things are just the same. When I read the words are still blurry, that's the time I decided to have an eye check up. Well, as a result it was suggested that I need to wear and eyeglasses for reading. 

I never thought that I would be wearing an eyeglasses. I felt uneasy the first time I wore my eyeglasses but I can read small prints clearly. It took only a few days for me to adjust having an eyeglasses and now I am used to it. Sometimes things may happen unexpectedly, my eyeglasses fell on the floor and without knowing it was there. I accidentally stepped on it making it partially damaged. No choice but I have to replace it and I don't worry much because at prescription eye glasses everything is possible. I am confident that the kind of eyeglasses I am looking for is very much available and affordable. I want a progressive type of eyeglasses so that I can wear it anytime and anywhere without the hassle of removing it. I chose this kind because there's a tendency for me to unconsciously left things anywhere. That's why a progressive type of eyeglasses is something I need.