A Place that I truly Appreciate...At Ten Pesos Only

November 23, 2011

Public toilets are generally divided by gender but there are also few public toilets that are unisex. Toilet is also commonly known as comfort room, bathroom, restroom, powder room, and washroom which are free of use or with a minimal fee. This kind of facility is made available in any business establishments to cater customers or generally known as the "public". Most of the comfort rooms in the malls have staff or attendants; this is so to maintain cleanliness... In some places there are also other public toilets that imposed a minimal fee. Imagine a public toilet without an attendant? Isn’t it awful? I've gone through a public toilet without a staff and paid two pesos, when I entered the room I almost back off due to unpleasant odor. Tissues are scattered on the floor. But because you feel the call of nature which seems to be uncontrollable anymore then you have no choice.

I have entered quite a number of comfort rooms (public toilets) and recently I accidentally entered into a room at Abreeza mall which was totally different from the one I saw before. I was wondering a few moments if it really was a comfort room or an office because there was a couch on the other side which serves as the waiting area. When I confronted the girl seated in front of the room she confirmed to me it is a CR and you have to pay ten pesos (P10.00) per use. But, if you a receipt worth (P200) two hundred pesos in any of the stores inside then you are free to use it. I knew then that I have entered the wrong direction, but curious though. I know very well that there is a free comfort room at Abreeza, but since I was already there so I decided to explore what's inside... why the management is charging ten pesos per use. Obviously I was curious; I wanted to know what is inside.

Well, it's worth it! The attendants were so friendly and welcomed me with a smile. The place is very clean, lights are perfect, mirrors are so clear and the entire place smells so good. One of the best toilets I have entered so far among malls here in our place. Although ten pesos is ten pesos but comparing it to other comfort rooms in there which are full of users I might say you have no inhibitions there. You can freely use it without thinking of somebody waiting outside your door. This may sound "Baduy" but I forgot to take pictures of me while inside. I could have asked the assistance of one of the attendants but I forgot the camera that it was in my bag that time. I thought I had left it with my son who was patiently waiting for me outside.

I wanted to go back inside just to take pictures my golly my son laughed at me. I felt ashamed, LOL! Well, I was mesmerized by the look or the interior side of it, very clean and organized I told my son and he just shrugged his shoulders....Huh! I am curious again what my son think of her mother that time...and I did not bothered to ask him though.  I am a kind of person who easily appreciates things especially if it catches my attention and gave me comfort. It was just one of the things that I appreciated most that day. No regrets for paying ten pesos...