I Like PRO-FIBER Coffee From San Mig

October 12, 2011

I drink coffee every morning and this has been a part of my day. I used to drink any coffee before but lately I choose a sugar free coffee. You can see different kinds of coffee in the market today with a variety of flavors. For me I like PRO-FIBER from San Mig coffee it is also sugar free. Why Fiber is good for us? Studies revealed that a high fiber diet help improve and prevent constipation. It also help to lower blood cholesterol. That is why it is good to drink plenty of water say at least 8 cups per day and a high fiber diet to free yourself from the difficulty of eliminating solid waste in the body. A high fiber diet can also help regulate blood glucose and insulin. Health experts showed that at least 25grams of daily fiber intake is recommended for women. I consume 1 sachet of San Mig coffee every morning and I know this is not enough since it only contains 13g of fiber. That is why I always add my daily fiber intake with wheat bread a healthy bread from Goldilocks. Aside from this there are many healthy foods around that are rich in fiber.