We All Had A Good Time at Abreeza Mall

September 8, 2011

I and my family had the chance to stroll around Abreeza mall two weeks ago. We really enjoyed each other's company on that day.  I discovered many things while strolling around the mall, although our time was not enough that day to fully explore the place but I was satisfied to be able to see the place. At least I already have an idea where to go and buy something for myself as well as for my loved ones next time. When we all feel tired and hungry I told hubby to have our dinner there so we look for a restaurant ideal for a family like us.

I came across chika-an, a restaurant located in front near the main entrance of the mall at the ground level. I saw there were a lot of people coming in and out of that restaurant so I decided to have our dinner there.  When I saw their menu it was almost all familiar to me, although I got interested because they put a little twist on their menus. Hubby and I ordered a Filipino favorite foods like pochero, sinuglaw, bite size shanghai fried lumpia, pancit canton guisado, and my favorite talong or egg plant it was called sizzling spicy talong with pork giniling. Wow! their food taste so good and the price is very affordable, aside from these they also serve unlimited rice. It was also only at chika-an where I have tasted the best coolers, their lemonade with cucumber is something you should try in case you drop by at chika-an. Well, guys we all had a good time that day at Abreeza mall.  I would like to share some pictures below which fully satisfy our hunger...
Pancit canton guisado
Bite size lumpia shanghai
Sizzling spicy talong with pork giniling
lemonade with cucumber