Love Is Not Enough To Build a Strong Relationship

September 29, 2011

"Kasal" or Kasalan is a Filipino term for wedding here in the Philippines. It is a tradition for a man and woman in love to get married after their engagement. Marriage is a ceremony wherein a man and a woman tie the knot and officially called husband and wife.  But, in some cases there are couples who are engaged and are not lucky enough to be called husband and wife. There are also those who got married but easily broke their vows. Different stories to tell and reasons to believe behind the break up is something everyone wants to hear. I feel sad for those couples who did not sustain their marriage but I do not condemn them though.

The task and responsibilities behind the word Marriage is not simple. A lot of people entered into marriage without enough understanding of what they are entering into, then afterwards got separated. It is not easy to lead a happy, contented and peaceful married life. It takes a lot of courage and effort to stick together considering the many temptations around. It should also be important to have a great understanding among partners. I believed it is not only love that builds a strong relationship but it has to have concern, devotion and dedication towards each other.

Last Saturday I attended a wedding at Garden Oasis; It was supposed to be a garden wedding but the weather seems to be not cooperating that time so it was transferred to a function hall. I felt excited for that wedding, why? Because it was my first time to attend as one of the principal sponsors.  I have never been a sponsor or a ninang ever since. That's why first time is always new and something to me. The wedding ceremony turned out well and I wish both husband and wife to lead a good and happy married life full of love, understanding, concern and devotion towards each other. Congratulations!