Our Christmas Tree

December 01, 2010

Its the first day of December and I am counting the days before Christmas. The day is getting closer. Hubby had set up our 5ft tall and 13year old Christmas tree, yes!..13 years ago hubby bought this green Christmas tree. We kept this for quite a long time already.  There is a story behind this Christmas tree but I will just keep it private, I guess hubby would not like it published here, LOL!  Anyway, I hope this weekend we can finalized the motif of our Christmas tree because until now it's still bare, I mean no accents or anything in it-,it's  just a plane Christmas tree. Although I still have plenty of Christmas balls but I am thinking of not using it this year...huh! I don't know. well, I hope we can have it decorated before the Holiday season ends.

Yellow Espadrilles

November 26, 2010

I mentioned in my post yesterday that my friend dropped me and my son in the mall after she fetched her children from school.  Inside the mall I go directly to shoes department. This is the place where i don't miss whenever I am inside in any malls. I remember when I was in college, I had two pairs of Espadrilles color red and blue...I love wearing it almost everyday because I find it  very comfortable.  

Now, Espadrilles are back again, I saw my friends and more people wearing it...in fact I got a new pair of it the other day too!  It's a color yellow Espadrilles. Upon reaching home, I proudly showed it to hubby. Actually,I saw it few months back in that same mall.  I wanted to buy it right away, but, suddenly I changed my mind that time because I was thinking of my surgery.  I decided to wait for a month time hoping that the price will drop down.  Since I know the months ending in "BER" had already started-i guess more stores and malls will offer "SALE" this time...and my intuition was positive. Yahoo! I am so glad there was a yellow pair available for me on that day,and mind you it was on sale, at 50% off...wow! so happy to have it. Oh! I am so excited to wear it on Saturday.

I took picture of my yellow espadrille, but, I could not upload it now.  Instead i found an image similar to it here in the net this morning (posted below).


November 25, 2010

After surgery my doctor prescribed me medicines good for seven days, and it stopped yesterday.  Now, i don't take anything anymore.  But, tomorrow I will go to my surgeon's clinic for a follow up check up.  Since I feel quite better yesterday, I went out with my youngest son(he has no class yesterday) to meet my friend Genevieve because I invited her for a heavy snack at Ems Pasta and Roll.  Oh! I terribly miss pasta...so I ordered Carbonara.  To make myself really satisfied I again ordered my favorite fresh lumpia and choco moist cake...huh! I guess I ate too much yesterday. We did not stay long because she still has to fetch her two kids in school.  So, after our snack we proceeded to Ateneo de Davao High school. Her children are already waiting at the school gate when we arrived.  Then, she dropped us in the nearby mall.

My New Nokia E72 Phone

November 23, 2010

My phone is very important to me.  It connects me to my family, loved ones and friends around.  Communications is very easy and accessible with it.  That's why I am always taking my phone with me whenever i am out and wherever i may go.  My phone was an old model of Nokia, in fact I acquired it long time ago. Thanks God! It was replaced just recently.  Among all brands of phone I still prefer Nokia because it is user friendly, in other words it's easy to operate and not complicated unlike other phones.

This is my new phone now, its a Nokia E72,wow! I love it...The built in camera takes picture clearly.  Although at first I almost lost my patience familiarizing some important features of it but later I got adjusted to it. The best phone I ever have so far, it's my Nokia E72.

I Feel Much Better Now

November 19, 2010

I just wanted to check messages from my blog today, but, i know it will take only a little of my time to post an update. I was admitted in the hospital Tuesday afternoon in preparation for my thyroidectomy which was scheduled last Wednesday afternoon.  I am not afraid of the operation, what bothered me most and make me feel nervous all the time is the preparation or the process before the actual surgery.  I am always afraid of needles. I guess, I developed a phobia on needles. An hour before my surgery, I started to feel nervous and became teary eyed when the nurse came to my room and  saw her carrying the dextrose with the needle to be inserted in my vein. Times like this I suddenly remember my friend Ross who has a high tolerance for pain.  I wish I am like her.  Anyway, I was fully awake when I was brought to the operating room, perhaps because the sedative lost it's effect.  My doctor was one hour late as scheduled.

I don't remember anymore what happened during the operation but, it lasted for an hour. Thanks God!and to my doctor, the cyst on my upper back was also removed.  Now, that my operation was over I am very thankful, and feel much better, it was indeed a blessing for me. The day after my surgery although I still feel a little bit dizzy I decided to go home, because I don't like the environment inside the hospital and besides I missed my boys. I feel much better now,although there is still pain.  But, I know few days from now the pain will be gone with the aid of my home medications. Oh, my boys are here now! I can hear them discussing aboutacoustic guitar lessons, well, It's nice to hear my boys has a passion for music. Well,  bye bye for now time to take a rest.

No Other Choice, But Surgery...

November 12, 2010

I always wanted to stay healthy, as much as possible no sickness or health problems.  But, as much as I wanted it to be that way sometimes we cannot avoid it.  My thyroid problem exist for almost years already.  I did not know exactly what year it occur.  All I can remember was when my roommate noticed a small lump in my neck I think it was year 2002, I immediately seek doctors advice and undergo related test. The results showed that I have Toxic multinodular goiter.  At first, I was religiously taking my medicines but, there are days later when I don't. It was only in year 2007 when i took it seriously and started to worry much because sometimes I don't really feel good.  To make the story short, my endocrinologist advice me for a surgery after a series of test and thyroid scan. The scan confirmed for surgery. My first choice of treatment was Radioactive, but the Thyroid scan result recommends Surgery.  Well, that's it...I will have no choice, but, to undergo surgery and the day will be next week. 

I cannot deny that I am afraid and nervous...But, with my family and friends around who keeps on telling me inspiring words, indeed, it helps me to be strong...especially my husband. With God's GRACE and LOVE I know everything will turn out well.

Awesome Beads and Freswater Pearls for Your Accessories

November 12, 2010

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African Opal Bead

Black Rainbow Obsedian Faceted Rondelle-Bead

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My Boredom Brought Me To a Boutique

November 04, 2010

I've been planning to buy a new pants.  But, every time I am ready to buy it I always have second thoughts.  This is me, there are moments when I easily change my mind. Anyway, this afternoon I was feeling bored alone in the house, so, I decided to go to the mall to ease my boredom.  Although, buying a new pants is always in my mind but I did not expect it to happen this afternoon. Well, thanks to my boredom it prompted me to go out and satisfy myself today with a new pants.  

I bought it at SM's "For Me" boutique.  Now, I want to believe that celebrity endorsers play an important role in the decisions of the consumers like me in buying some products. I know I don't have any preferences as where to buy or shop for my clothing needs. But, this afternoon I should say that somehow one of the celebrity that I admire in the person of Ms. Charlene Gonzales who happens to be the Model Endorsing products of the said boutique influenced me.   when I saw her billboard near the boutique's entrance I did not hesitate to go inside.  And I was right for I did not have a hard time looking for the size that fits me. Thanks to my boredom and "For Me" boutique.

Our Dream Car...In God's Time!

November 02, 2010

Not so long ago hubby and I are planning to acquire a car because we find it necessary.  We just wanted a second hand for it is much cheaper compared to brand new car.  But, as time goes by there are things that we think are more important than owning a car.  Although, we temporarily postponed our plan of owning a car at this time, I am still hopeful that In God's time we will have it.  When that time comes we have in mind where to get cheap motorbike insurance for security.  Car insurance is really a must in case something happens.

Instead of owning a car we divert our attention by focusing more on business as another source of income.  With God's grace and blessings the business is going smoothly. Though, undeniably there are little problems along the way but I guess it is just normal.  Everybody who has a business I am sure is experiencing the same.  What is significant is that we are able to fix things immediately.  Though, I find this business not suited for me because mostly it requires the presence of a man in the field.  But, I am beginning to appreciate it.  In fact I am learning to familiarize things relating to it. Huh! who knows  someday through this business and hard work we can buy our dream car.

I Woke Up Late This Morning...

November 01, 2010

I went to bed late last night that's why I woke up late this morning too, but, it's fine because today is a holiday.  Even though hubby has no office and the kids have no classes it does not mean I will be excused from my morning activities especially preparing breakfast. I did mentioned in my previous post that my mornings will not be complete without a cup of coffee and since I got up from bed quiet late this morning and also my boys, we still enjoyed our brunch with a cup of coffee for me.  While sipping a cup of coffee, hubby and I were discussing some important matters about business.  In the middle of our conversation I have mentioned to him personal contact cards.  I guess when you have a business, personal business card is important.  It is one way of promoting your business in the market and to any prospective clients. 

Anyway, after we had our brunch I requested my eldest boy to wash the dishes which he politely obeyed.  I am glad my boys can help me now in some other house chores. Hubby and I are training them because we don't have a helper, besides, I believed that it is important also for me as a mother to teach them house chores.  This will prepare them to be responsible adult when the right time comes.

All Souls Day Facts and False Beliefs.

November 01, 2010

Today is All Saints Day and every time this day come it is always declared a holiday.  On this day the Catholic church commemorates all saints, known and unknown.  The eve of All Saints is known as All Hallows Eve or Halloween. During this day also usually Halloween parties are very popular.  Some people anticipated this day by preparing costumes for the traditional Halloween party before the day itself.  Tomorrow Nov 2 is the All Souls day. I hope people will not forget what this day is all about. I was searching facts about All Souls day because there are things that are not clear to me and  I have read plenty of articles related to it. I googled some Facts and mistaken beliefs about All Souls day.

  • All Souls Day is commonly misinterpreted as the Mexican version of Halloween. In fact it is not. Mexicans have celebrated the Day of the Dead since 1800 B.C.

  • The celebrations do not include images of ghosts, dead people, witches or the devil. Therefore it is not scary or morbid.
  • This ritual has nothing to do with cults. It is a Catholic Christian ritual intermingled with folk culture. Going to mass is an essential aspect of this celebration.

  • This celebration is not about honoring Death, but revering and fondly remembering the deceased relatives. It is an opportunity to cast a reflecting glance on the lives of our ancestors, our heritage, and ponder upon the meaning and purpose behind our existence.

  • Ofrendas or altars are not for the purpose of worshiping but for offering our love and remembering our departed family members.

  • It is not a sad, scary or morbid ritual. It's a day of happiness because the loved ones are being remembered with fondness. Although when in the graveyard, people tend to assume an introspective attitude. It is about Love not Fear.

  • It may appear a weird ritual to those alien to the culture, but in fact it is quite similar to visiting a grave and leaving flowers or stuffed animals, and lighting a candle to remember those who have left for their heavenly abode.
  • It is not a careless or daring confrontation of death. It is rather a reflective moment to muse upon one's life and the cycle of life and death.