Movie Time with my Boys

May 31, 2010

Yesterday I had enough time and my kids together with hubby finally convinced me to watch Prince of Persia. The joy of watching a movie with my loved ones is certainly amazing.  I am not really a movie goer but  my boys has their own unique way of convincing me every time they feel they want me to go with them in a movie. In fact I was also able to watch Iron Man before, and honestly speaking I like it...I enjoyed watching the whole movie itself.  Just like the Prince of Persia the strong characters of  the main actors catches my attention,  I did not missed a single scene, its not boring and I did not feel sleepy inside the theater.  Really, Prince of Persia for me is worth watching...Although, usually my personal choice of a kind of movie is extremely different from it but I do appreciate Prince of Persia.  well, I am beginning to think what movie will be next in line.

Classes will Soon Resume

May 28, 2010

In a couple of days from now it will be June and classes here in the Philippines will soon resume. I am sure moms like me are busy and start preparing their budgets for the school requirements. Probably next week I will be busy again attending to my kids enrollment and hopefully buy all the things they need for school.  Actually, the other day I had the chance to dropped by in the nearby mall and bought ahead some personal stuff like under wears,shirts  and socks for my kids. Next in my list is to buy a new bags and black shoes for Aaron and Khrys. Wow! It would mean a big cut on our budget. I guess I should plan and budget carefully.

Regular Execise As Coping Strategy for Stress

May 27, 2010

As a human being we cannot avoid pressure.  We tend to worry and or anxious anytime when the situation calls for it.  Sometimes pressure affect our performance in the office, in school or in any other daily activities we are into.  Some people who is suffering from stress normally feel sick.  Getting stress is pretty normal, and life without it is quiet boring according to some of my friends.  Stress is  defined as our response to a level of pressure that is inappropriate for us.  When we feel too high or too low the result is STRESS.  Coping strategy from any stressful situation is very important. That's why it is best to deal with it accordingly in order to eliminate it. Exercise is one best way to cope with stress.


(i) reduces a sudden increase in tension or stress;

(ii) forces life's stresses to the back of the mind through concentrating on the physical exercise, and thus benefits both mind and body;

(iii) through stretching the muscles helps to remove accumulated tensions;

(iv) when taken on a regular basis encourages the body to produce soothing and healing hormones called endorphins - the body's own version of opiates. These hormones help heal ills and make the person feel better;

(v) improves general health and fitness and increases resistance stress and reduces the susceptibility to stress-induced illness;

(vi) on a regular basis causes lower levels of production of epinephrine (adrenalin), and less dramatic blood pressure and heart rate rises during ordinary types of everyday stress. This results in regular exercisers being less likely to suffer from heart disease.

However, it is best to consult first with your doctor before doing any exercise for proper guidance.

I am busy...

May 18, 2010

Hello everyone...I missed blog hopping. Now that I am busy I could hardly open my blog and visit you guys.  I only have limited time to sit in front of the computer.  Before, I used to complain and feel bored if I don't have anything to do.  But, now that I am busy on things related to our new found business I missed some friends in the blogosphere.

I am always busy from the past weeks and even until now, and lately I realized that summer time almost ended and I will regret if I could not go and unwind in the beach together with the whole family before classes starts this coming June. Well, anyway I told myself to really find time to have a summer getaway. And I hope anytime soon I can visit you guys and leave some friendly messages and comments on your post.

The Newly Elected President of the Republic

May 14, 2010

Campaign period was over.  The Filipinos cast their votes last May 10, 2010.  Congratulations to the new president of the Republic of the Philippines Benigno Aquino III simply known as "Noynoy".  Now that campaign period and election was over I hope Filipinos will be reunited again and support the newly elected president in all his undertakings. Noynoy vows to fight against corruption because he believed it is the main cause of poverty in the country and a lot of people have lost trust in the government because of it. In addition, his administration will ensure transparency and people's participation in implementing laws, rules and regulations and in monitoring programs, projects and transactions of the government. It's nice to hear that. I know Noynoy is aiming for good governance and I just hope that the majority of the citizenry will support him all the way.

Good Night Everyone

May 09, 2010

I will sleep early tonight. Tomorrow I will cast my vote.  Whoever win for tomorrows election I hope and pray that the people will accept with open arms and give their full support.  I pray for peaceful and honest election. Good night everyone.

Three Red Roses For My Mother

May 9, 2010

I received a lot of messages from friends today, each one of them has their own words of greeting me a Happy mothers day.  Thank you guys for all your greetings. I am happy to know that I am still remembered during special time like this. After attending a Sunday noontime mass today I bought a three red roses outside the church.  That three red beautiful roses was intended for my mother.  I could not think of something for her as a gift, so I decided to give her flowers. The red roses I gave made her smile and uttered the words "thank you"! I made my mother feel special and happy. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all moms out there.

Chocolate Moist from a Friend

May 7, 2010

I love cake.  Cakes simply add color to any celebration/occasions. I have a friend who makes a very good cake, his name is Neil.  He's been in this business for quite a long time already. His cakes are really good.  When I first ordered from him the whole family like it since we love sweets too!  Yesterday, we had the chance to meet each other and he gave me a "Chocolate Moist" my favorite ever since.  There was no special occasion yesterday, and though are time was limited but it's worth it. I am always happy to see old friends way back and Neil is one of them.  Yes, we both live in the same city but we seldom see and talk to each other for many reasons.  We are both busy with our own schedules.  Anyway, thank you very much Neil for the cake.  I appreciate it so much.

My boys

May 4, 2010
 I love this picture...taken during one of our bonding at the mall.

I have three wonderful children, all boys.  My eldest son is in college while my two other boys are grades IV and V.  My two boys Aaron and Khrys (picture above) are very close to each other.  Although there are times that they fight over some petty things but I guess its pretty normal for growing up boys like them.  Some times their behavior could make me feel stress, especially when they fight in front of me and I believed it should not be tolerated.  I always reprimand them.  I admit there were times that they're hard to handle and as a mother I have my own way of pacifying them whenever they argue on things and when I feel that their argument is getting hot. But, these boys are lovable  and smart. They have their own way of catching my attention when they feel I am mad at them. I realized they are grown up now, at their age they know how to reason out and assert things.  I know there are some moms who never had the chance to watch closely their kids in their growing up years because of so many reasons.  I am proud and very thankful for I have watched my boys since birth.  I know them individually. Whatever changes in them now, will not make me less of a mother to them. 

Another Blessing!

May 2, 2010

When I write something especially if it is a sponsored post, sometimes I don't really mind checking if I was already paid for it.  This morning out of curiosity I checked my Social Spark account upon knowing through email that they have paid me. Wow! earning online through my blog makes me happy.  It makes me realized that earning dollars even if I am in the Philippines is possible.  I don't regret if sometimes updating my blog take so much of my time, besides its worth it!  Another blessing...Here is the proof:

Dear Analuz Dagala,
Just thought you'd like to know IZEA, Inc. sent you $50.00 USD. 

Note from sender, IZEA, Inc.:
Cashing out funds from ip address:My ip address
Thank you Social spark/izea, Inc. This amount added to my existing PayPal account. I don't have any idea if publishing my ip address would do any harm on my account. That's why I decided to delete it. Honestly, for a full time housewife/mom like me earning through my blog inspires me too!