My Eyes Are Tired and Sleepy

It's already 2:00 am and is not done yet with my readings.  I think I have to set aside this first.  My eyes are tired and sleepy but, I still have to finish one task.  I don't know if I can come up with a better article for now...My gosh,I need some stretch. Coffee? I don't think so. Well, I just hope I can finish it before I will go to bed.  Oh, by the way tomorrow is a holiday, some establishments will open on Saturday. It is fine with me if I will sleep too late tonight because I don't have to wake up early tomorrow to prepare for breakfast.  Well, i must do my stretching now, i'll take a break for a while...

Hormel Providing Quality Foods for Generations

April 01, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hormel Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

When it comes to food I always see to it that it is safe and passes the standard quality test required in any given products.  I won't compromise the health of my family.  There is this one product that continues to provide excellent quality foods for every family throughout the years. Their number one selling Dinty Moore products along with Hormel Chili can be a perfect ingredients for any meal, provides recipes for every homes. It can also be noted that celebrities proved the popularity of these products by appearing in their commercial advertisements few years back.

I can still remember how my beloved aunt patronized these products since I was a child. I always see hormel products in their kitchen cabinet and refrigerator.  Every time there was an occasion my aunt would prepare our favorite creamy pasta chicken salad.  Now that my aunt had passed away, we can never forget her great recipe which everybody including my cousins love to have especially during Holiday Seasons. Being a mother that I am now, preparing great meals for special occasions like birthdays for my boys is not a problem anymore.  Hormel foods have 20 varieties of products to choose from.  With Hormel Foods, everything is just easy kindly visit for more great recipes.

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Vacation Time Again

March 30, 2010
Yet! it's vacation time once again.  There are already activities lined up for my boys this summer.  My eldest son will be attending his summer class starting 2nd week of April.  I am still thinking whether Aaron and Khrys will be enrolled in mixed martial arts since their interest is in swimming.  Summer of last year they had their swimming lessons and i was so happy to see them swim after a few days without the aid of their trainers.  They learned the basic in swimming already and they wanted to learn the different strokes...i don't know, maybe i will consider it. But, really i wanted them to learn self defense since they are all boys. I hope i can decide soon.  I also would like my eldest son to workout after his class because he gained so much weight.  Every time i stare at him, i can't help myself to worry because obviously he is already obese. 

Beach?..Oh! how i love this place and I am sure a lot of people do.  Sun block with SPF 60 is in my list on what to buy this summer. Wow! I want to spend overnight in the beach and i could imagine myself lying on the white sand stargazing during the night together with hubby and my three boys or maybe have fun camping. I think it would be exciting.  I also want to watch the sunset... and the sunrise the following day.

What else for this summer? Whatever activities that comes in mind i will make it sure that my boys will be happy and that spending quality time with them is always a priority.

Take Good Care of Your Skin

March 29, 2010

I always appreciate people who takes good care of their skin.  There are many ways of protecting or taking care of your skin.  Aside from eating the right foods and getting the services of a beauty experts, please be reminded to limit or as much as possible avoid too much alcohol or caffeine intake which are found in coffee, tea, chocolate and certain sodas.

A well-balanced diet that nourishes the skin should include:
  • healthy fats, such as those found in avocados, nuts, salmon, and flaxseeds, for skin cell regeneration.
  • colorful fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, and phytonutrients, to help give skin a healthy glow.
  • whole-grain breads and cereals that are rich in magnesium and B vitamins for regeneration of skin cells.
  • lots of water to help keep skin hydrated and plump.
Above are the things I extracted from my readings this morning.  I know These things are basic and a lot of you guys already had an idea about it.  But, for some I know this info maybe helpful.

I Think I need This.

 March 24, 2010
Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer
I thought steamer can only be applied to face and body. I never thought that steamer can be used in cleaning the surface of your home. This is new to me perhaps because I don't know of anybody here in our place who uses this kind of tool.  This Hard-Surface Floor Steamer was designed for wood, laminate, marble, and other hard sealed surfaces which effectively sanitizes floors and remove heavy dirt.  Wow! this is something can easily clean and  sanitize the floor without the aid of a mop or vacuum.  I guess this is very helpful especially for busy people who value their time so much. Well, I think I need this. 

I feel Good...

March 23, 2010

Food supplements or vitamins are important as we grow old. Before, I admit that I was too lazy to take any of these. I don't want to happen it to my kids that's why as early as now I always remind them to take their vitamins before leaving for school every day and of course I see to it that they drink milk too!

Lately I am taking multivitamins+Iron upon my doctor's advice. I am also taking Vitamins E, C and D and some other (herbal)food supplements. I am not sure if one of these vitamins is causing me sleepy always...or maybe I don't get enough sleep. I don't know, I think I have to consult it with my doctor.

Taking these vitamins really makes me feel good. I don't easily get tired especially during my work out. It's good to drink milk and take vitamins/supplements for added protection and good health.

PTA General Assembly Meeting

March 20, 2010

I had eaten my lunch late in the afternoon yesterday and after a few minutes I headed immediately to the venue for the PTA general assembly meeting. It already started when I arrived, obviously I was late. I saw a lot of parents/guardians attended the said assembly meeting. It's nice to see old and familiar faces...but, I did not had the chance to greet them and got closer to where they have seated. Some parents left the venue while the meeting is still going on. This is not new to me, I always observed this during meetings. I know that each of us parents have our own things or some business to attend, but, this kind of meeting for parents seldom happens. So,why not give it your time? I guess it is the proper venue to air our sentiments and or suggestions in order to avoid some unwanted remarks during enrollment. Fees and other financial matters were discussed. But, so sad because only few remained.

It happened last year when some group of parents complained and aired their comments on the radio. They questioned a particular fee which was approved by the body during the assembly. What a shame...these parents don't know what they are talking about. They even brought the issue to some media men and it was printed in the tabloid. Although the issue was already cleared but we cannot deny that these parents dragged people to unlikely situation. It's not easy to hear your name in the radio and read your name in the newspaper regarding anomaly issues. I just hope they have learned their lessons from what had happened...I hope things like this will not happen again. Oh, well...I saw them yesterday attended the PTA meeting up to the last part. Surely,they have learned their lessons. The meeting adjourned ten minutes before 5 pm.

March 17, 2010

As usual I woke up very early this morning. Yesterday was Araw ng Dabaw and it was declared a holiday here in the city. The whole family just stayed home. I did not even bother to go downtown to watch the celebration. Hubby and kids watched movies on DVD while I was busy too playing the revenge of ZUMA. Oh, I really enjoyed this game. Sometimes I am carried through with my emotions to really win the game and every challenge, that I almost forgot the time scheduled to finish my house chores lol!! this is the best part of being a full time mom...I am always the boss. I can do everything in my own time. But, of course this is not always the case. I am still focus on my priorities...and I guess no need to elaborate or mention it here one by one. Well, anyway it's 8:30 am already. I have appointments today and hope to finish it early before I will go to the gym this afternoon. Bye for now and have a nice day everyone!

Personalized Pens for a Business? Why Not?

March 16, 2010

Putting up my own business is one thing that I wanted to do before quitting from my job. But the question is what kind of business will i put up? It's very difficult to start a business especially if you don't have enough knowledge or background about it. Everything that comes in mind I always give time for it, exploring any ideas that associates with certain possible business makes me excited. Whether how big or small it might be. I guess before diving into something and investing my money I should take extra careful and scrutinized everything.

Hard earned money should not be wasted. Trucking services I believed is a good one but it requires quiet a big sum of money. Oh, got so tired of thinking almost everyday about what business will I ever put up. I deviate my attention for awhile and stopped thinking about it. But, somehow, I want also to believe that business is my direction nowadays. On my way to the mall yesterday, I heard students talking about personalized pens. I love what I have heard and became interested in it. I think personalized pens are viable, considering that pen is part of daily lives/needs among our students, teachers, etc. and for so many people indulging in any kind of business. Although there are many competitors but, in a business, marketing strategy matters most. It's how you market your products that attracts consumers. Personalized pens are also perfect for gifts and giveaways. I will think about it who knows I might have my own store for personalized pens one of these days.

This morning...

March 13, 2010

Today is Saturday, my favorite usual I woke up this morning and got up from bed just awhile ago, when I checked the clock it's already 9:20 am. I immediately fixed dirty clothes for laundry. After sipping a cup of coffee here I am sitting in front of the computer. Just checking my blog if there are new comments, or if somebody left a message in my chat box...and, if there are new opportunities to work on. I don't have any task online available this week, but it's fine anyway! I enjoyed blogging anytime.

Thank you so much guys for checking in my site! Happy weekend and God bless everyone...

The Good Old Days: Memorabilia Photos of Old Manila

March 09, 2010

Usually every morning before hubby goes to work he checks his email. This morning when he opened it he shared to me a very interesting memorabilia photos of old Manila. It was a forwarded email from one of his batch mate, and I requested him to forward it in my email so that I could be able to grab a copy of the said pictures. These pictures originally from an overseas Filipino who loves his dear old Philippines. Wow! I am glad to know and see pictures way back then of old Manila. Although it is not my home place but I do appreciate it. I visited Manila thrice and hope to go back there anytime.

If you compare it today,
old Manila was very clean then, no traffic, no beggars and vendors in the streets, and absolutely free from pollution. According to the sender during the 60"s the environment was still very clean during that time. No metro aides, pedestrians/people were very disciplined,manholes were very visible too and well covered. People are safe. and free from snatchers. You can walk freely in the streets. You can fill an empty stomach with mami for only 1.50Php at Dencias (which continue to exist nowadays with branches nationwide), and 10cents for Coca cola, whew! imagine, 10 cents? Today, honestly it has no value cannot buy something for 10 cents alone. No overloading in the jeepneys, (isn't it nice?) unlike today some times I could hardly sit comfortably inside the jeepney. No smoke well, it's very rampant.

Looking at the pictures below Pasig river was really very beautiful then. And accordingly, a lot of pr
ivate yacht would pass along the blue and emerald green river... I wish it is still like this now! but, unless people especially living nearby will not cooperate to regain the beauty of it then I think it's impossible. Fort Santiago was much better, no cafe's, vendors nor ATM machines. It was indeed a Very clean surroundings. Based on the pictures and email senders descriptions, I must say that people before are truly lucky...for they saw our country much cleaner, better and healthy place to live.

Dencia's, near Villalobos and Carriedo. Look at the Jeepneys they were not overloaded.

1953 Ford on the street going through Jones Bridge leading to Binondo.

LYRIC theatre (in the photo), IDEAL, STATE, ODEON were the best theatres before.

Pasig River (The water is very clean)

Fort Santiago

Old Agrifina Circle near the old Congress Building and Manila City Hall

Old Boulevard

1960 Dodge on the street. Ayala Avenue in Makati City was just like Wilshire Boulevard.


March 08, 2010

Yesterday I attended the 55th General Assembly of First Community Cooperative (FICCO) wherein I am a full pledge member. The said event was held at RMC Gym here in Davao City. It was a half day affair which formally started at 1pm. Since I volunteered to assist for the registration I went there early as scheduled. I reported at the venue at 10am. The weather was so hot yesterday although partially windy but still everybody felt the heat. The attendance was not perfect unlike last year but I rated it as satisfactory. I was happy also to see my friend yesterday during the assembly. Imagine, she made herself available on that day and traveled for more than 4 hours to attend the general assembly. After the program we went straight to Bigby's restaurant at SM. I really like the food she ordered, it was so yummy and mind you she even paid for it...A big thanks to you, my

Health is Wealth

March 04, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.

I do believe that we cannot hold on to our youth, but there are many options widely available to look young, healthy and beautiful at our age. Proper diet and regular exercise are two important tools to achieve wellness. When I quit from my job seemingly I neglected these things. After how many months of being a full time mom things turned out differently. I used to be physically fit in the previous years and then suddenly I turned hysterical one day when I looked myself in front of the mirror, realizing I gained so much weight. I hate to see those unwanted fats and extra bulges around my hips, arms and lower abdomen which makes my clothes not to fit me anymore. I guess I have to do something and give time to regain my physical well-being. I have to change my lifestyle.

From then on, I keep myself physically active through regular exercise. I also limit myself and totally declined some friends invitation to go food trip in "Eat all you can" restaurants, which I frequently hanged out before with hubby and kids. In addition, I discovered a lot of things which I have never done before and this keeps me going too! I did not limit myself on these things. I want to be updated of what's going on and what's new regarding wellness. Health is wealth, an old saying which a lot of people know but sometimes neglected. After a long time of searching through the net I am glad I have found I don't go somewhere else anymore because is a one stop shop and it provides complete information regarding proper diet, exercise, and everything about wellness. Know their coupons and offers,get updates and be guided accordingly,join and visit and get the chance to win prize package of one(1)year supply of Jennie-O Turkey products plus one(1) year membership in the gym.

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School Burned by Angry Parents

March 03, 2010

I am aware that the Philippine government established a "Food For School" program in some areas of the country. The beneficiary of which are children from poor or underpreviliged families. The said program aims to encourage and increase attendance in school wherein each student will receive a kilo of rice everyday. For me, one kilo a day surely is not enough, BUT, with the cost of rice increasing nowadays it is really a big help. I am glad that the government established this kind of program although I still doubt if this is strictly implemented especially in the most remote areas. I just hope that people in-charge behind this project will seriously and religiously follow what is stipulated in the said program.
I also hope that parents too should not rely on this and that they will work hard to meet their daily needs.

Lately, it was reported that a certain school somewhere in the central Philippines was burned down by a group of angry parents because according to them their children were not given the food or rice as promised. The parents accused the teachers of not giving enough rice to their children. If this is indeed true, then what happened to the regular rice allocation intended for children? I cannot blame the parents...for giving in to their emotions but I guess they should have file a complain first. Or maybe ask the people involved what happened. There could be a better solution to solve dispute rather than resorting into something violent. Their acts resulted a negative effect on students. Aside from their records burned, it left students no classroom. What else? the parents will soon be facing charges too!

What Major Human Emotion I Am?

March 02, 2010
Blogthings To Me:

You Are Sadness

Even if you don't actively feel sad, it's likely that you've experienced a lot of loss in your life.
You feel withdrawn from the world and even a bit alone. It's hard to pick yourself back up when you feel this way.

Try to get out and do something, even if it's just going for a walk or visiting with a friend.
Your despair and melancholy is zapping you of your energy, and you've got to try to get it back somehow.